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They have a very large petrochemical site used to have a happy marriage and children, a son (Kenny ), a few years ago to come to work and ask me to leave unpleasant questions about sexual things with me for the record, I am not Gay or Bi questions answered easily online today. Now found a girlfriend to ask this, how and what is a virgin, I said look, all that will happen when it does, so be sure to use a condom, he was in heaven I is saying that they loved, but now ass1st had moved from the house. her mother's friends suggested that he move with them, because they had a big house that was to have his own room, so did the mother and one 18 year old daughter and his girlfriend, at the age of 19 the mother over 40 years, no husband present. strict rules meant he could not have sex with his girlfriend in the house and she could not visit his room, everything was fine, he was going to a quiet place and she would have sex all were happy. He said that one night he fell asleep too fast for his girlfriend ass1st naked in his bed, his cock in her mouth and started his first blowjob, I was in heaven, is pumped until it swallowed the chance came, I was just there just to believe what had happened, quickly left in the dark, his own bedroom. The next time he met told him how much he enjoyed sucking his cock and do it again with him later, when in bed? she was furious to ass1st say it was not her but her sister, who had aspired. There was a dispute between them ' sisters'they had shared everything together, so why not the friend asked me, look what I do? When both are out of them and the mother has to go for it . he said it looked like twins, two fantastic blonde tits shaved pussy the other had done the same, it was then to separate the two together, lucky bastard I said, most men would die for this opportunity. this continued for some time, if nhad come to work in your trunk in the passage, the mother found out, was a condom under the bed was, she wanted it now. House of daughters, begging him to remain at this begged the weeping mother began to think, he said, o / l, but only until the end of the week, and no way that they would enter their room. This night I had another visit to her surprise, she was the mother in her bed, said she was suffering bastard fucking hot that my children for weeks, it's my turn, said he only death took her sex never knew it. that ass1st moved to another location, but found it a year later, he said, had to go was too much for him, it was three ass1st in the mother, two sisters Lost and Damned, had two stone weight, only rarely get to sleep because they want to be fucked at all hours of day and ass1st night.. Which way to go for
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